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Xcaret Experience

Actualizado: 19 ago 2020

Xcaret Park is one of the main attractions in the Riviera Maya, from before you get on the plane to this beautiful destination, you will be seeing thousands and thousands of advertising spots about this park, is it worth it?

It is a unique experience from the entrance, you receive all the attention of the ATVs, the first thing that all the people do is enter directly into the rivers, my recommendation is to take a tour of the Mayan town, the cemetery, the church, perhaps enter one or two workshops such as the Maya Chocolate or handicraft weaving.

Very close to there is the Aviary and the Butterfly Garden, which are places that you can not miss, what we want is to get into the water, but these places are indescribable, walk very close to the pelicans and live with the macaws, see the world of butterflies. and see them so closely when they land on the fruit.

The rivers that are 3 and end at the same exit, you are given a security bag where you can deposit all your things, they give you your mandatory life jacket and now enjoy the rivers where the entrance is cold, but with the heat from the Riviera Maya is refreshing, at the exit you will find the natural pools, a rest area, Snorke area. There are 8 restaurants where you can access to enjoy the buffets with the Plus Package, the recommended ones are the Mexican one that is at the entrance of the park as well as the meat and seafood ones that are by the rivers exit.

And what better than to go to the aquarium for a walk after eating, to see the small turtles that are about to release the giant tortoises, to see the reefs and the variety of fish that are in this area of ​​the Mayan Riviera.

The end of the afternoon is approaching but not the end of the day, near the entrance to the Mexican Restaurant you will find a show with our Charros and Escaramuzas, singing on horseback as well as performing some luck, all this preparing the grand finale that is Mexico Espectacular.

Here a presentation takes place in the Tlachco theater from our beginnings, the colonization, until today, is when absolutely we all feel Mexican for 2 hours ending with the mariachis and all the singers and ... YOU HAVE TO ENJOY IT !!!

Juan C Juárez

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