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Viajeros Mundiales by fraVEO ENG

Actualizado: 19 ago 2020

Service and attention from me for all your #vacations here in the #RivieraMaya all this great adventure started more than a year ago, my intentions was always to receive my family and friends like their own home in this wonderful destination; not only the party, the beaches, the turquoise blue sea, the magnificent Riviera Maya, the majesty of Tulum, Isla Mujeres or Cozumel, but something was missing to achieve all this.

So I gave myself the task of knowing what else I could give, working here as a tourist consultant and visiting a small part (really there are thousands of places to visit) I made the decision to give this Plus to my family, friends and loved ones, also to my future guests. Looking for options of being a Online Travel Agency and arrive with this franchise which are Viajes en Oferta or fraVEO, which from the beginning helped me to be part of this great team, to have access to the most important wholesalers in the tourism business, and above all to achieve my first objective: to be able to provide this service to all of you.

Today, I can provide worldwide service, sporting events, exotic destinations, vacation packages, transportation and, above all, provide almost personalized service on your visits to the Riviera Maya, where we consider ourselves experts in the area, archaeological tours, themed tours, diving and especially to help you enjoy these holidays that you deserve so much.

Juan C Juárez

#ViajerosMundiales #fraVEO

Fijo: +52(984)8598083

Cel: +521(984)1127297

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