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Selvatica, in the middle of the jungle

Actualizado: 19 ago 2020

Selvatica is a park designed for you to enjoy the adrenaline in the middle of the jungle, it is located on the camino de los cenotes, the contact with the jungle is direct and you will do many activities in just one day. You will enjoy the cenotes, as well as the longest and highest zip lines in the area starting on a Superflight, the bungee jump where you don't expect it, tarzania in the park towers, don't forget the mud circuit on ATV or Polaris according to your choice.

This park can operate in any weather (with the exception of electrical storms). You can enjoy it in various modalities such as Extreme Canopy, Off Road and GIMME ALL which is to enjoy all the activities in a single day. And the delicious Selvatica-style chicken fajitas, you will love them. It is an all day tour, don't forget your swimsuit, comfortable shoes, cash or your card as there are souvenirs such as drinks and tips.

Juan C Juárez

#ViajerosMundiales #fraVEO

Fijo: +52(984)8598083

Cel: +521(984)1127297

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