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Dolphinaris experience.

Actualizado: 17 ago 2020

Talking with activities with animals always causes a lot of conflict in front of people, there are those who like and who are uncomfortable with the idea, personally I really liked the activity and I will tell you a little about the activities with my friends from Dolphinaris.

They were on time for us here in Playa del Carmen and we moved to the dolphinarium that is in the Riviera Maya, arriving there we were received by part of the staff and they passed us to the lockers area to store our things, take a quick shower and we started with the activities:

The activity we had was a little more about meeting and interacting with the dolphins, being able to anatomically get to know them, being able to touch them and enjoy swimming with them a little.

At a certain point in the interaction with them, they put a black visor on us and we floated face up, we could hear them swimming around us and doing it slowly. In the end there was a lot of contact with them, seeing them close and being able to know a little more about these beautiful specimens I was able to enjoy more and get to know more about the dolphins.

At the end of the package that we had, the food was included and was really good, the waiting room has a pool, so if there is a companion who is not going to do the activity, they can do it from there.

It will always be very pleasant to return, the place is beautiful and spacious in every way, the treatment of all the Dolphinaris staff is very friendly and swimming with the dolphins will always be an excellent experience.

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